Auderli partners with NWT to change the face of financial filing


Tax specialist Steve Crouch created the concept of Auderli a couple of years ago. Frustrated with the arduous process of pulling together all his clients’ financial and life information from a number of different sources, he strived to create a repository where it could all sit safely together. The goal was to produce an app that could house all of life’s important information in one place, stored safely in the cloud. This information could then be easily shared with a professional such as an accountant or legal advisor but could also be shared with a spouse, family member or executor.

“I was Introduced to Glenn via a client of mine and he became a big part of the idea phase. Glenn helped us to translate those ideas into strategic themes that enabled innovation as part of defined agile sprints.” says Auderli’s Founder and CEO. “Glenn and his colleagues at New World Tech produced an initial requirements capture & development proposal, which as a brand-new start up really helped us to get underway. They made a great effort to understand our business and had faith in our idea right from the start, helping us to scope out the development into an agile project and recommended relevant partners for us to work with.”

Auderli is due to launch in early 2022 and Steve and the team have worked hard to create an app that not only meets Steve’s initial goal but includes so much more.

Auderli is a simple to use online life management tool. It helps you keep track of all your assets and liabilities, from mortgages, wills and bank accounts to investments, shares and personal items of worth. It pulls everything together and shows your net wealth all in one easy-to-use web app.

Auderli allows you to store and organise key financial information, that you would usually keep with different advisers, all in one place: safely in the cloud. A key part of the app is that you can then give access to chosen individuals, be it your partner, next of kin or trusted professional adviser.

The app will offer prompts and reminders to take the pain out of organising and managing financial and legal information. Importantly, should anything happen to you then it will give you peace of mind that your next of kin will have everything in one place so that your estate can be administered without unnecessary delay and minimise or eliminate any legal costs of probate. “It is a clever piece of kit – we’re all very proud of it” says Steve, “we’re delighted to have partnered with NWT. They are an important partner for us moving forward.”

CEO and founder of NWT, Glenn Ballard said: ‘’ At NWT we are very excited to be partnering with Auderli. It has been a privilege to help another start-up turn an innovative idea into an agile development. We are very much looking forward to continually supporting Auderli in their early growth stage and believe that the app has the potential to change the face of financial filing once launched in early 2022.

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