The “Alarming” Rate of Tech Development

The Metaverse is here, so what are you doing about it?!

The Metaverse is enabled through the convergence of IOT, Crypto’, Neural Programming, Machine Learning, AI, VR, AR and exponential processing power increases through Quantum Computing, to name a few.

Combine this with an emerging generation happy to hang out in cyber space 24/7, a cultural shift accelerated by the global pandemic’s lockdowns, the relentless march of capitalism and we literally have an entirely new (virtual) galaxy forming faster than a Big Bang(!), and within it a wealth of untapped opportunities, markets, and disruptive threats to existing industries.

And that’s all before we discuss Ray Kurzweils “Technological Singularity”, the unprecedented accuracy of his tech’ predictions and the rise of the machines!

See the eight predictions by Ray Kurzweil here

Alarming? It doesn’t need to be…


The rate of technological development is often referred to as “alarming”. At NWT we believe that “alarming” is only appropriate if you’re unprepared or not keeping up to date with tech development, most importantly, in a way that’s relevant to you, your business and most of all, your customers.

It’s certainly true that in some areas of technological breakthrough we see “hard take offs”, where a single provider or entity truly disrupts an industry in a way and at a pace no one expected. However, these are rare and its normally an industry disruption by multiple players, through “softer take offs”.

Similarly, sometimes feeling alarmed is simply a result of the perspective we adopt. Too broad a view can lead us to be a little daunted by the volume and types of innovation.

Conversely, too narrow and we run the risk of missing opportunities and getting left behind; no one wants to be the next…. cue long list of well-known businesses-no-more!

The key is balance; the right perspective and insight, coupled with the right focus.

At NWT our CTO as a Service and Critical Friend Reviews provide exactly that; balance and focus. Keeping you ahead of your game and up to date with the most appropriate insights, trends and opportunities within yours and the broader industry. NWT can provide you with the perspective you need to stay ahead in the new world enabling you to focus on your immediate business and customer priorities.

Together, Anexinet and NWT are uniquely positioned to help clients streamline their journey to the Cloud in the face of the pandemic by designing, building, automating and managing their workloads and applications on Enterprise-Cloud or Cloud-Hyperscalers, including AWS, Alibaba, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The strategic partnership has already helped one established financial institution unlock significant value by accelerating the development and delivery of effective, integrated Cloud-based solutions. Anexinet’s proven Kickstart process and comprehensive set of tools and services deliver an Agile, scalable Cloud-based environment that embraces traditional IT as well as Private, Public, and Managed Cloud. Migrating applications and business systems to the Cloud is a daunting task for even the most mature organization. As a result, a Cloud-adoption strategy and roadmap often means the difference between successful deployment and failure to launch. Anexinet helps organizations determine their ideal strategic approach.


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