Our Partner Auderli is shaping the future of finance.

Here at New World Tech, we were extremely excited to launch our partnership with Auderli late last year. It has been a privilege to help another start-up turn an innovative idea into an agile development.

In this blog we take a deep dive into how Auderli are changing the face of financial filling by using a new world approach by taking advantage of innovative digital filling elements and utilising clever financial technology.

How are Auderli shaping the future of financial filing and pensions?

Auderli is a new online financial and life management tool which allows you to keep track of your accounts, assets and important documents all in one place. Founded by Steve Crouch, a tax specialist who experienced frustration with the drawn-out process of collating all of his clients’ financial and life information from a number of different sources – Auderli aims to house all of life’s important information in one app, stored safely in the cloud. Auderli’s current focus is partnering with pension providers for improved integrations such as displaying pension balances and performance, which we will discuss in more detail below.

What makes Auderli different?

Auderli is striving to approach life management in a unique way and fill a gap in financial technology with innovative digital filing elements. Some standout features include:

Document upload
The document upload feature allows you to photograph, scan or upload all of your personal or business-related documents in order to keep them easily accessible and up to date, ready to find whenever needed. Each document is uploaded and stored within its relevant section in the app. Having an organised digital filing system in place frees up time for you to focus on other more important aspects of your work and home life.

Document Sharing
With your documents organised and safely stored, Auderli then allows you to share your portfolio in a read-only format with loved ones, financial advisors or business partners. In the near future sharing will be enhanced so that you have the choice of which documents and information you’d like to share, rather than your whole profile. However, if you currently change your mind at any point, you can remove access quickly and easily from a full list of everyone you have chosen to share with.

Assets and net worth
With the net-worth calculator, Auderli offers a simple visual view of your overall net worth, dividing it up into the various overarching sectors such as property, bank accounts and investments. What it does differently however, is bring your valuable items and assets into consideration and include them within the value of your net worth. That could be jewellery, watches, cars or business equipment, all of which increase the total of your portfolio.

Passwordless security
Auderli believes that passwords are a thing of the past, preferring methods such as unique one-time passcodes sent to your email address, multi-factor authentication and fingerprint and facial recognition log in. Although you can see details from your bank accounts or pension, you can’t access any of your money via Auderli- it is simply a vault for the documents that reflect those accounts and assets.

What is Auderli currently working on?

Within the near future, Auderli is aiming to give users the ability to connect with one or more pension providers to display pension balances as well as view their pension performance. Looking to partner with pension providers to build specific APIS that allow for seamless pension integrations, users will be able to view and collate their various pensions in one secure place, and see what they all add up to. They have already started some key integrations to do exactly that, and to bring users the features they want most. The company strives to evolve and grow with functionality and usability in mind as more users provide feedback.

Watch this space and contact rob@auderli.com to discuss how they can add your integration and to be part of helping Auderli reach its maximum potential.

To conclude:

Here at New World tech, we are very much looking forward to continually supporting Auderli in their early growth stage and believe that the app has the potential to change the face of financial filing. The new world tech team have thoroughly enjoyed supporting another start up as they look to make a big impact with new innovative technology.

If you wish to find out more about how NWT could help your start up, please contact us on: info@newworldtech.io

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