Cyber Security Incidents – the increase in “Insider” security Risks

How Security Aware is Your Workforce ?

The pandemic has greatly accelerated our adoption of flexible working. Two years on and for most of us, working from home, online has become the new normal. Even as restrictions ease, businesses are adopting a partial or full remote working policy and making full use of remote cloud computing tools.

Unfortunately in parallel, there is also a significant rise in cyber security incidents relating to cloud computing and home working and in particular incidents caused by “Insider” risks whereby employees, suppliers or partners inadvertently or maliciously cause a cyber security incident or data breach.

Incidents or breaches that occur as a result of “Insiders” (such as data theft, improper data sharing by employees, Admin errors, misconfigured cloud services) are often difficult to detect without rigorous access controls, event monitoring and regular auditing and the impact to business revenue and reputation are typically much more severe.

In the past twelve months, organisations typically suffered an average 2.8 security incidents with the top incident types being Phishing (40% “insider” deception), Ransomware (24%) and accidental data breaches (17%, insider error).

Phishing attacks and other social engineering scams are designed to obtain sensitive information or access details by deceiving users into revealing access information, or downloading malware. These scams are becoming ever more sophisticated, particularly when linked to world events such as the Covid 19 pandemic or the War in Ukraine, where the topical nature of the subject matter lends greater credibility to the scams when received.

It is therefore clear that workforce awareness training and business management are as, if not more important than the technical security systems and tools, with access management and user awareness now top priorities for organisations wishing to harden their security posture.

Although a rounded security strategy is recommended, there are specific activities that businesses can prioritise to protect against “Insider” threats.

User Awareness Training – Maintain a campaign of cyber security awareness for all employees particularly around Phishing, how to spot malicious links and attachments and how to report them. Frequent refreshers and Phishing tests if possible. Encourage reporting of all and any suspicious activity – essential in providing early warning of possible incident or breach.

Access Management – Harden Access management by regularly reviewing user access to applications and data. Provide access on a need to know basis. Reduce and tightly control any system admin privileges.

Updates, Patching and Antivirus– Of course, in a multi layered defense, even with a workforce that is alert and prepared, occasionally mistakes are made. Ensure the environment is patched and updated and regularly audited to reduce vulnerabilities.

At NewWorldTech we have deep experience in designing and implementing security controls in order to remediate technical security risk.

Our experienced, highly skilled experts help companies to measure their operational resilience and assess the threat risk.

At NewWorldTech we can provide an independent audit of your security risk so that you have a greater understanding of the effectiveness of the security provision in your organisation and what changes might be required to ensure it is fit for purpose.

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