Our findings from the Infosecurity Europe conference 2022

On Wednesday, some of our team headed into London to attend the UK’s biggest cybersecurity event.

On a gloriously sunny morning, a swarm of workers from tech companies around the continent gathered at the Excel Centre for InfoSecurity Europe. The conference was held in-person for the first time since the start of the pandemic and the organisers made sure that the arena was packed out with almost 400 exhibitors showing off their products and services, with some fantastic talks from firms like 6 Degrees. There were also some brilliant guest speakers who took to the stage to discuss cybersecurity matters, including former head of MI5, Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller.

While venturing round the circuit, our team identified some key trends in the marketplace as we seek to offer clients up-to-date solutions and try to identify a competitive advantage:

Zero-Day Threats

Increasingly often, companies are exposed to viruses that overrun their IT systems without even those monitoring malware even notice. This makes it extremely difficult to detect such dangers, but security firms are creating innovative solutions and packages to identify and dispatch of them. Some forms even claim that they can detect clients’ vulnerabilities before an attack takes place.


Skilled hackers have the ability to hijack a business’s IT systems then go on to lock out employees and demand payment in return for access to their own site. These attacks are an easy way for hackers to earn quick money, therefore it is favoured on the ‘dark web’ where cyber-criminals operate. One of the talks explained that in some of the countries where the dark web is most prominent, there are companies offering ransomware packages that allow their clients to target their own victims. Deepfakes are one of the most popular methods of infiltrating a company’s system since internal personnel mistaken hacker’s disguised malware as legitimate, secure content. The key to preventing this process is to inform staff about recognising suspicious content, which cybersecurity firms are focusing on in their solutions.

Internet of Things and cybersecurity mesh

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the idea of a network of devices connect via the internet, which can lead to a mass data breach if just one device is compromised by hackers. These devices can be as menial as a smart speaker; in fact, one speaker recalled in incident whereby access to an internet-enabled kettle led in an office led to the investigating party obtaining footage of a board meeting via cameras. In response to such vulnerabilities, cybersecurity firms have adopted IoT security methods, which coincide with cyber-mesh solutions that involve imposing firewalls and protection tools on each individual device to achieve a ‘mesh’ around the whole network.

Quantum computers

Finally, there is a growing concern in the market towards the potential security threats posed by technological developments over the next few decades. As our machines become more powerful, they will likely run more complex algorithms that can surpass modern encryption with great ease and speed. These so-called quantum computers could cause severe damage to business data. This is why stronger defence mechanisms, and the cybersecurity world is beginning to research and prepare packages that can withstand this looming threat, years before it arrives.

These are complex yet crucial issues that businesses must get to grips with if they are to remain protected against cyber threats in a constantly evolving market.

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