Methodology ‘Wars’ –

The World of Programme and Project Management

 is changing

We operate in an increasingly hybrid world –

For the seasoned professionals reading, who may have been around the development and delivery of business application systems for some years now will be familiar with the many methodology and process “wars”.

There has always been a desire to want to shift completely from one methodology to another to follow the current trending approach.

Our highly experienced Programme and Project teams have seen many different approaches over the years including waterfall approaches, highly structured approaches (such as SSADM).

In more recent times we have seen a need for Rapid Application Development, then various types of Unified Process and jumping forward to continuous development approaches, the emergence of Agile and Dev Ops.

Through these shifts we have also seen the emergence of new software approaches and business application products such as SAP, together with attempts at re-use for bespoke solutions – to highlight just a couple.

However, with the vast shifts in methodology over the years there has actually been far less of a wholesale system replacement than perhaps the industry would have us believe.

Today we are still seeing a patchwork quilt of business applications that have been created through the deployment of a variety of software engineering development methodologies.

I am sure many of you are still operating mainframe business applications that ‘should’ have been replaced by the latest technology some years ago!

Almost all IT infrastructure conversations touch on hybrid solutions. We are seeing most significant business application development programmes and projects also living in a hybrid world driven by the history of industry – not just legacy code mixed with new code but also the legacy of the many methodology shifts overlaid with combinations of package deployments, common code, software products, legacy code, various database technologies and their associated hardware platforms.

Project Services for Digital Business Outcomes –

With all these shifts and developments in recent history which have been laudably targeted at improving different aspects of delivery including – more functionality for less cost, faster time to market, greater focus on company outcomes, cost of non-quality, lowering total cost of ownership, chasing down the holy grail of predictability of delivery, in turn contrasted with adaptive value-driven methods.

But, nevertheless, all contributing to the creation of hybrid process and methods environment in which programmes and projects must operate.
This does not just create a technical challenge. Within a single programme, or even individual projects, we can find many of these existing elements that all must be managed concurrently and effectively for successful project outcomes.

In the new world we need to take a correspondingly flexible view of our Programme and Project Management to deliver successful, integrated outcomes. This cannot be restricted to one methodology but must be based on the needs of the customers ensuring that the projects derive the correct outcomes to time and budget.

The ability to manage programmes and projects using a flexible approach whilst appropriately managing commercial constructs that support the required delivery of the project or programme, is now a critical capability in our ever increasingly hybrid world.

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