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The emerging Jedi experience so far…


In early October this year, NWT welcomed their first emerging Jedi to the business, they have been hard at work immersing themselves in the NWT culture. From facilitating discussions with clients to implementing new onboarding processes. We designed our graduate programme based on the interests and experience of our new intake, where they will all complete two-week rotations throughout the business with the support of their assigned mentor. Each experienced mentor was assigned according to our emerging Jedi career aspirations and initial interest in our technical or managerial pathway.

One of our Jedi, Roy Chege, expressed interest in our technical pathway with a background in both AI and computer science. He was assigned our Chief Operating Officer as his mentor and his first rotation was in operations. He talks about his experience so far here:

“I worked on Jira boards for the onboarding/offboarding process where I was required to implement automation across the board for the offboarding process, automating access and IT requirements from onboarding to the helpdesk supported by my assignment manager throughout. Further to that I worked on creating functionality and documentation for creating change requests via confluence. I’m enjoying the different aspects of the company as I’ve started my security rotation and I’m now more heavily involved in discussions with clients.”

At NWT we understand not everyone has a computer or data science background. One of our Jedi, Lauren Sweatman, has a scientific background but is ultimately more interested in cybersecurity. To support this, she was assigned our Risk and compliance manager who has over 30 years of experience in the industry. She talks about her experience so far here:

“I was placed onto the technical pathway with my first rotation being in security. NWT prioritised giving us support throughout the entire process, where I had many one to ones with the Chief Information and Security manager regarding the foundations of security. During the two weeks, I was involved in client meetings regarding security controls and felt confident in assisting with the implementation of role-based access control. I’ve now moved onto my marketing rotation and attended the joint University of Sussex and the university of  Brighton careers fair which I loved. The flexibility of the programme facilitates access to experts and allows you to experience so much more than you would in a larger company.”

NWT cannot wait to see what the future holds for our emerging Jedi and we hope they enjoy each step of their journey.

If you would like to register your interest for our next emerging Jedi intake you can do so here: Careers at New World Tech

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