How Technology Has Changed Christmas

There is no doubt that our lives have been altered by advances in technology, Christmas has not avoided this. The rapid growth and advancements have caused changes to the way we celebrate and how we gift. In modern times we simply stream our favourite Christmas movies, send Christmas wishing via social media, ask Alexa to play our favourite carols and order gifts online, all while being greeted by an array of world-wide technology Christmas lights.

So, tech the halls, the Christmas countdown is on, and here are some of the ways technology has challenged tradition.


There have always been two very different types of Christmas shopper- those that do it months in advance, and those who leave it to the last minute (usually Christmas eve) in a last-minute attempt to find presents. Technology has established a new type of shopper. Online shopping allows people to buy their gifts from anywhere, at the most competitive prices and oftens boosts next day delivery too.
Therefore, more people are buying online as opposed to fighting their way through a busy high street during November and December months. Not only does this avoid the tiresome gift searching and sold-out stores, but another luxury of online shopping is that you are bound to find the best deal.
Even the Christmas food shop can now be done online and delivered at a time that suits. No more fighting over the last turkey on the shelves!


It’s not just where we buy the gifts that has changed, it’s the gifts themselves. The biggest gifts during the festive period are usually cool tech products, from smartphones, tablets, laptops to wireless headphones, fitness trackers or the latest game consoles. Traditional gifts- like an orange in your Christmas stocking, are out of favour.
Some of the top Christmas Tech gifts for 2022, according to ReviewPADHO, includes Tablets, Drones, Health watches, headphones and games consoles.


For years letters and cards were the only way to contact loved ones who lived far away. Gift, letter and card sending therefore became a tradition around the festive period. But forget writing out Christmas cards by hand, venturing out to get stamps and hoping that the postman delivers them in time for Christmas. Nowadays cards can be sent electronically or Christmas wishing done via social media. Some argue that this is a better and easier method, but has it meant that the personal element to writing to loved ones has been lost and tradition changed forever?


Another advancement is video calling- facetime, WhatsApp, zoom or teams. Social media has made it possible to communicate with friends and family in new ways. With a total of over 3 billion minutes spent on Skype each day its clear that these platforms allow us to feel closer to one another. Especially helpful over the last couple of years when families and friends were forced to keep their distance due to Coronavirus.
Technology plays a massive part at ensuring everyone is together, not just at Christmas but all year round, wherever they may be in the world.


Technology has been used to boost the way promotions are delivered to consumers. From endless emails offering discounts and coupon codes to the festive products that bombard our screens from November 1st.
Since most have access to smartphones, these ads are delivered simultaneously to millions of potential customers. It’s a tactic that seems to have been very successful with online promotion existing in almost every sector of business.

Technology at Christmas 

Technology, for the last decade or longer, has played a fundamental part in the way we celebrate. It has changed our lives and Christmas has been no exception to this. From how we celebrate, to how and what we buy, technology has made Christmas more accessible and helped us to be closer to the ones we love.
If you use and embrace tech in the right way, it is an amazing thing. The team at NewWorld Tech is excited to incorporate technology into Christmas this year. If you would like to learn how NWT can help support your programme or project, check out our PORTFOLIO.

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