Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

NWT Business Continuity as a Service BCaaS provides on demand access to the expertise you need to manage the many and varied, known and unknown, operational risks inherent in the day-to-day activities involved in delivering services and supporting customers


Benefits of NWT's Business Continuity Service

Ability to design methodology to best suit environment
Quickly embedded cost reduction and efficiency improvements
Soft landing delivery transition back to client
Effective stakeholder community engagement
Accurate understanding of project status
Ability to operate in fully controlled project environments
Improved business continuity process control and maturity
Effective client team development via knowledge management
Fully realised, quantifiable and reportable business continuity benefits

Testing that cloud solutions function correctly prior to deployment

Extensive network of digital SME partners bringing further experience/capability

At NWT, we work with a variety of companies from SMEs to truly global enterprises, to design and maintain their business continuity programmes, using ISO 22301 as the industry standard for our service.

Why BCaas?

There are several reasons why our customers choose to use BCaaS instead of building and managing a continuity programme in-house:

Resourcing: Business continuity is a niche skill that isn’t readily available in the market. BCaaS gives you rapid access to experienced continuity experts that will deliver instant impact to your business.

Many of the companies we work with think of our team as embedded members of their teams – integrating our experts directly into their processes as we oversee their continuity programmes and provide coaching, mentoring and training roles, that leave behind a lasting legacy of capability.

Costs: The nature of business continuity is that you never know exactly when your programme will be called into action. A company must build an in-house team and create its business continuity programme years before a major disruption brings the team into action.
The staff costs and leadership investment required to create and maintain an in-house continuity programme are significant – more than some companies want to invest. BPaaS provides a flexible and scalable commercial model that allows you to call off our capabilities as and when they are needed.

It is a challenge to react and scale if the unthinkable occurs: When a disruption happens, companies often need to rapidly add members to their continuity team.
Since you can’t hire and onboard continuity experts in the critical moment, companies find themselves pulling staff with no experience in resiliency – then asking them to help in an emergency capacity as was seen particularly at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. As a result, NWT helped several customers manage the business continuity challenges, from connectivity to full roll outs of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, to ensure that the business continued to deliver to their customers.

Why NWT?
How does our BCaaS work?

Step 1: Critical Friend Review of your business continuity programme or policy

The first step is to complete a comprehensive Critical Friend Review of your current programme, providing a full report to your business, which typically includes:

Needs assessment

Business and technical interviews

Review of all documentation and artifacts

Conversations with key employees and stakeholders

Maturity model

Observations about your programme

Opportunities and recommendations for improvement

For our BCaaS customers the evaluation includes a detailed plan of how we will oversee your continuity programme moving forward.


What makes a good Business Continuity Service

Business continuity procedures to support return to business as usual
Support on a business continuity communications strategy
Document procedures for responding to a business continuity incident
Assignment of business continuity roles and responsibilities
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans (BCP)
Provides business impact analysis to identify recovery time objectives
Provides impact analysis to identify maximum tolerable period of disruption
Focussed or full organisational business continuity assessments available
BCP production, including recovery of activities within a predetermined timeframe
Business Continuity Procedures to support return to business as usual.
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