CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service

New World Tech’s Chief Technology Officer as a service (CTOaaS) is primarily aimed at those without a dedicated CTO role within their organisation to provide industry expertise. 

CTO as a Service

New World Tech’s Chief Technology Officer as a service (CTOaaS) is primarily aimed at those without a dedicated CTO role within their organisation to provide industry expertise. 


Why use CTOaaS

CTOaaS is vital to companies of any size to self-assess their digital readiness and needs from anytime to be better positioned for market changes. CTO insights will help understand and document the business needs and potential alternatives based on market evidence. CTOs are known for their forward thinking to challenge the norms in order to build business cases which will explain how business value will be delivered and can clearly lay out the benefits driving business strategy to the stakeholders.

CTOaaS will be able to develop plans that will deliver the necessary improvements to business processes by looking beyond just the technologies and focusing on the business outcomes. CTO teams insights will actively drive the organisational and people change; manage the data/information and application updates and ensure technology milestones are met. CTOaaS will help monitor and report change progress to the stakeholders, energising resources to deliver quality solutions across all working areas.


Why NWT?

For those simply seeking objective, industry expertise to complement existing capabilities on existing programmes, problems, or strategic technology decisions. Our CTOaaS will always be direct in giving an honest assessment of your current content and capabilities, we will be your critical friend to ensure that the business changes happen correctly. We have created our CTOaaS to provide fully independent and objective expertise’s. NWT CTOaaS provides high-calibre multi-talented chief technology consulting teams, delivering vast experience and innovative thinking to help clients turn disruptions and challenges into strategic and operational advantages.

About Our CTO as a Service

Whether they are developing strategy, leading a programme of work or a complete digital transformation, our consultants always take time to fully understand the company’s culture, processes, skillsets, leadership, and customers so they can shape a project in a manner that wins the hearts and minds of every stakeholder. Our consultants have real-world experience that enables them and the client to make the right decisions at the right time based on relevant content. They can also draw on the wider expertise and resources of our strategic alliance partners, bringing together the collective team’s innovative thinking to deliver today’s digital imperatives.

The CTOaaS is not based on sales and marketing content, but on deep knowledge and familiarity with successful change programmes are delivery. Working in partnership with your own internal teams, we will help you create the necessary artefacts at the relevant stages of the programme whether that is the Business Case, Technology Strategy, Product Roadmap or Transition and Transformation Plan, we will be there to ensure you deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

CTO as a Service is a technical support professional who is able to provide strategic and technical advice to businesses focusing in IT, cyber security and product development. Their consulting services help companies meet technical requirements set by the stakeholders. 

The CTO will be focused on external plans and products where the user focus is on the external customers. This allows them to focus on revenue and sales growth in this role. Their strategy would be affected by factors such as the company maturity, organisation size, industry sector and the products and services.   

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