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Cybersecurity is how individuals and companies reduce the risk of cyber-attack and during the recent pandemic it has been more difficult for companies to maintain security and business continuity especially when considering the threats caused by many employees working from home and requiring access to key systems and data, as well as the increased volume of online activities.

Our customers increasingly see cybersecurity as a strategic business issue with potential large-scale financial, reputational, and regulatory implications. NWT has deep experience in designing and implementing security controls in order to remediate technical security risk. Our experienced, highly skilled experts help companies to measure their operational resilience and assess the threat risk. We provide an independent audit of your security risk so that you have a greater understanding of the effectiveness of the security provision in your organisation and what changes might be required to ensure it is fit for purpose. Our Security Audit covers many different areas including:

• Process Assessments
• Threat Assessments
• Compliance with relevant industry standards/guidelines
• Vulnerability Assessment
• Forensic Analysis
• Risk and Compliance Assessments
• Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Tests

For Cybersecurity, NWT has developed a Whitepaper and a Maturity Model to help our clients with this key business issue. This thought-provoking and helpful collateral can be found in the Member’s Area