Data Migration as a Service

Data Migration as a Service

Data Migration as a Service

NWT’s Data Migration Service provides strategy, design, implementation and support expertise throughout the project lifecycle including best-practice advice on system integration, engineering data (design and deploy) and technology operations, ensuring best return on investment.


Benefits of NWT's Data Migration as a Service

Data migration requirements definition, management and achievement

Avoidance of rework by design integration
Greater cost certainty, expected cost post migration
Greater time certainty on data migration
Health and safety and CDM compliance for data migration
Reduced through life costs for data migration
Identification of appropriate training for data migration
Open, honest clear and measurable approach
Improved sustainability and environmental benefits
Digital design across people, data and technology

Data migration projects are challenging and difficult to achieve successfully. By following a structured methodology, using a rigorous approach to project management and taking account of the many pitfalls that beset data migration projects, organisations will achieve higher success rates and a better level of satisfaction from all stakeholders.
NWT provides a proven data migration methodology that includes pre-migration scoping followed by project assessments and a core migration process.
Our flexible and responsive Data Migration as a Service (DMaaS) provides the expertise you need on demand, when you need it, to deliver a seamless, effortless and secure data migration from an existing system to a new or updated system with minimal, if any, downtime in between.
NWT’s reputation for providing the highest quality senior Data Migration Consultants is unmatched. Our data migration specialists have considerable expertise in business and system data reconciliation strategies and execution within both the private and public sector. Following industry specific best practices and adhering to legal requirements and data privacy standards, our specialist use thorough, risk-adverse migration techniques for both manual and automated data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing and implementation.
Our specialists manage the entire migration process on your behalf or work as part of your own internal data migration team, immediately adding value through knowledge transfer and sharing.

NWT will help you to understand and combat the potential risks of data migration be it a data warehouse or a back-office settlement system. Our data migration specialists will help you design and implement a successful migration and ensure that the checks and controls have been placed properly to deliver a seamless, effortless and secure migration. Our consultants will use a proven set of repeatable and predictable data migration processes and data migration tools to accelerate your migration.

Our fully-managed DMaaS service provides the expertise, tools and bandwidth you need, when you need it to help you get your migration project completed on time whilst minimising your project risks. If required, we can also provide ongoing support to maintain high availability and resolve uptime issues quickly.

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What makes a good Data Migration Service

Management of supply chain data for data migration
Intelligent client, centred on BIM level 2 for data migration
FEED, options and feasibility, cost estimating for data migration
Data migration planning and scheduling for successful design
Data migration requirements management and change control
Data migration risk and assumptions management
Migration design contracts management
Earned Value Management (EVM) for data migration
Intelligent Customer support for data migration
Project handover management post migration, soft landing to operations

Real World Examples

CTO as a Service

Insurance Sector

CTO as a Service 

 Public Sector

CTO as a Service 

 Private Sector

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