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Digital Transformation

The world has become more digital, and businesses are increasingly using technology as a core driver to create business value through Digital Transformation, either by design or by influence, through external factors such as competition or market forces.

However, the risk is that organisations solely focus on the technological aspects.  The industry impact and the focus on Digital Transformation is not just about the introduction of new technology but more of a fundamental rethink of the corporate model, for which digital technology is the catalyst.

Digital Transformation provides the opportunity to look at how to change a traditional business to think and act like a true digital-first business. It is not just a Technology business unit problem but a business-wide problem. Organisations need to keep the focus on their customers and business outcomes, by bringing together cross-functional teams that pool expertise from all areas of the company.

It is vital to bring all parties to the table, as having this breadth of knowledge is critical in understanding the current state and developing a vision and strategy for the future state together with a view on what you will need for it to be successful (expertise, funding, and time). This step is often neglected in the scramble to implement change. However, an understanding of the organisation’s starting point, including strengths, weaknesses and desired end-state will help you to identify the areas of focus, the stakeholders and the resources and investment required to be successful.

Before pursuing digital transformation opportunities, companies need to develop and align on a digital vision for their organisation, looking at both the overall digital strategy and value proposition for their companies. They should begin by assessing their capabilities, estimating the resources required, and contemplating potential partnerships that could help them achieve their goals. Other practical issues include the feasibility of the proposed initiatives and their potential value.

The basic question underlying all strategic plans is this: “How can digital help us transform core business processes or generate new opportunities?” Now, more than ever, companies need partners who can help address their key business challenges. At NWT, we have a detailed understanding of the key digital technologies and how they can be used to deliver business outcomes. We also use our real-world experience to help with the critical tasks of developing a strategy, planning and prioritisation, delivery and the introduction of new world operating capability.

From inception to the delivery of capability, NWT has a range of services that can reduce risk and disruption whilst adding business value:

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