Engineering as a Service

Engineering as a Service

Engineering as a Service

NWT’s Engineering as a Service (EaaS) provides high-calibre engineering expertise to equip your organisation with mission-critical assets, sought after skills, enhanced operational capability and innovative approaches.


Benefits of the NWT Engineering as a Service offering

Provides Security Cleared Engineering Consultants with industry and public sector experience
Reduces risks and costs and enhances your teams capability
A collaborative and empathetic approach to working with you and your organisation
Pragmatism born from real world leadership experience
Direct, honest assessment of your current context – we will be your critical friend
Deep understanding of current UK Government Digital and Technology policy
Advice on implementation of the Service Standard and Technology Code of Practice

Flexible deployment and transparent commercial options designed around your needs

NWT can provide highly competent Security Cleared Engineering Consultants and Developers for key technologies such as Cloud Services, capable of working across a range of delivery platforms, utilising different methodologies and Frameworks. Our qualified and experienced software engineers are at the forefront of technology and keep their skill current through participation in industry accredited bootcamps and coaching by recognised software engineering industry leaders. Our Engineers follow industry best practices to ensure solutions are robustly designed and executed to reliably deliver the capability that the organisation needs. They can draw on the wider experience and resources of our strategic alliance partners, sharing knowledge and thought leadership, the end-to-end customer experience and the innovative thinking that is required to deliver today’s digital imperatives.

Combining their deep technical domain knowledge with systems engineering management techniques, our Engineers typically work on delivering key projects including the systems evolution from concept through to implementation, operations and eventually disposal. Our engineers embrace best practices in Agile and DevOps to deliver engineering services efficiently and within appropriate compliance and governance frameworks as required. Using our nimble and iterative 5D Framework they will help ensure that your technology delivers the required business outcomes.


What makes a good Engineering as a Service

Technology agnostic actionable advice from expert CTOs and engineering leads
Deep understanding of latest cloud engineering methodologies
Effective software configuration management and version control
Clear Backlog Management, Defect Tracking and Work Prioritisation
Fully automated continuous test, integration and deployments
Fully automated infrastructure creation, testing, scaling and destruction
Architecture design, and appropriate language selection
Quality Metrics reported from appropriate stages of the pipeline
Secure identity management solutions, including AAA and role based access control
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Together, Anexinet and NWT are uniquely positioned to help clients streamline their journey to the Cloud in the face of the pandemic by designing, building, automating and managing their workloads and applications on Enterprise-Cloud or Cloud-Hyperscalers, including AWS, Alibaba, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The strategic partnership has already helped one established financial institution unlock significant value by accelerating the development and delivery of effective, integrated Cloud-based solutions. Anexinet’s proven Kickstart process and comprehensive set of tools and services deliver an Agile, scalable Cloud-based environment that embraces traditional IT as well as Private, Public, and Managed Cloud. Migrating applications and business systems to the Cloud is a daunting task for even the most mature organization. As a result, a Cloud-adoption strategy and roadmap often means the difference between successful deployment and failure to launch. Anexinet helps organizations determine their ideal strategic approach.


How Anexinet aligns with our 5D framework