Engineering as a Service

Our Engineering as a Service (EaaS) provides high-calibre expertise to equip your organisation with mission-critical assets, sought after skills, enhanced operational capability and innovative approaches.

We know that it is a daunting task to devise and implement the complex transformation programmes which are necessary in making the change to digital. NWT is happy to share our experience to support you by providing world class engineering resources to efficiently exploit technology trends in the development of new digital architectures, design and implementation of new platforms, environments and systems to make your new technology agenda a reality. Our core values are simplifying the complex, sharing knowledge and expertise and an unswerving commitment to doing what is right. These values help us remain focused on working as a team to serve our clients and deliver beyond their expectations. We recognise our clients need both long-term, project-based, multi-person engagements and short-term, short-notice, single person engagements, which is why NWT adopts a flexible engagement approach which can deliver either.

NWT can provide highly competent Security Cleared Engineering Consultants and Developers for key technologies such as Cloud Services, capable of working across a range of delivery platforms, utilising different methodologies and Frameworks. Our qualified and experienced software engineers are at the forefront of technology and keep their skill current through participation in industry accredited bootcamps and coaching by recognised software engineering industry leaders. Our Engineers follow industry best practice to ensure solutions are robustly designed and executed to reliably deliver the capability that the organisation needs. They can draw on the wider experience and resources of our strategic alliance partners, sharing knowledge and thought leadership, the end-to-end customer experience and the innovative thinking that is required to deliver today’s digital imperatives.

Combining their deep technical domain knowledge with systems engineering management techniques, our Engineers typically work on delivering key projects including the systems evolution from concept through to implementation, operations and, eventually, disposal. Our engineers embrace best practices in Agile and DevOps to deliver engineering services efficiently and within appropriate compliance and governance frameworks as required. Using our nimble and iterative 5D Framework they will help ensure that your technology delivers the required business outcomes.

Engineering as a Service

What you can expect from NWT

• Expect Security Cleared Engineering Consultants with industry and public sector experience
• A collaborative and empathetic approach to working with you and your organisation successfully
• Pragmatism born from real world leadership experience
• Direct, honest assessment of your current context – we will be your critical friend
• Deep understanding of current UK Government Digital and Technology policy
• Advice on implementation of the Service Standard and Technology Code of Practice
• Flexible deployment and transparent commercial options designed around your needs.

We work closely with our clients’ technical staff throughout our engagements, helping them to “learn by doing” and transferring essential skills and knowledge to your in-house team. We can also source and arrange formal training for our clients and their staff via relationships we have in place with vendors and training providers.

NWT can offer a full EaaS capability to support complex transformation programme and projects as well as more focused Engineering support to help address a specific technology challenge. Whatever you require, we will apply our wealth of Industry and Government experience to guide you on your Digital Transformation journey.

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