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Migrating to the Cloud

Adoption of cloud computing continues to rapidly increase as companies begin to recognise the reliance on this capability to drive their digital transformation. It is clear companies that are successful in adopting the cloud bring new capabilities to market more quickly, scale more efficiently and demonstrate improved business agility.

However, the journey to the cloud is not an easy one and many companies stall along the way. Delays are sometimes caused by technical issues or lack of knowledge and skills, but others include unclear vision, business case and associated value, or believing that adopting cloud is just an IT departmental issue not a business one.

The business rationale for adopting cloud is well understood including reduced costs, improved business flexibility, scalability, security and quicker business recovery in the event of disruption. The focus is often on the choice of approach, provider and the migration journey, to deliver the perceived business value from adopting cloud technology.

NWT believes that the adoption of cloud should be viewed as a transformative journey, one that has deep roots if it is to endure and sustain the business into the future. Real transformation covers organisational processes, people and technology.

Cloud is not a destination, but a catalyst and method for change. NWT can help you to address the key areas to inform that journey by:

• Reviewing workflows and determining new capabilities
• Ensuring you adopt the right strategy and architecture to bring together the various organisational leaders and partners to get clarity on cloud priorities
• Defining the security and data governance model
• Designing lightweight processes. Cloud migration should be coupled with changes of mindset and ways of working
• Considering organisation and talent. To sustain a successful cloud journey, it will be critical to reskill existing IT talent and acquire external talent that has the requisite skills and experience with cloud platforms.

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