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The world has become more digital, and businesses are increasingly using technology as a core driver to create business value, either by design or by influence, through external factors such as competition or market forces. However, in 2020, the landscape dramatically changed with the COVID-19 pandemic and many businesses have been forced to review their Digital strategy to ensure that their business models are aligned with their changing business priorities.

The imperative to embrace new technologies and ways of working, in some cases, is about driving improved business performance to assume industry leadership. In others, it’s a simple matter of survival. This compelling event has forced urgent decision-making on senior leadership, so many companies now have the reason to change as they face disruption and, in many cases, pressure to drastically cut costs.

The challenge is often the velocity of change to introduce a new digital enterprise and new ways of working, and this can determine whether or not Digital Transformation is ignored, continued or accelerated. For many leaders this is seen as no longer optional; rather it’s an opportunity to move quickly in adopting digital. However, the risk in these circumstances is that organisations solely focus on the technological aspects. The industry impact and the focus on Digital Transformation is not just about the introduction of new technology but more of a fundamental rethink of the corporate model, for which digital technology is the catalyst.

Advisory and Design

Unlocking digital capability provides the opportunity to look at how to change a traditional business to think and act like a true digital-first business. It is not just a Technology business unit problem but a business-wide problem. Organisations need to keep the focus on their customers and business outcomes, by bringing together cross-functional teams that pool expertise from all areas of the company. Many customers also need outside help and advice to make sure that the right expertise is available to deliver the required business impact and value.

NWT has a range of services to help advise and design your digital strategy and programmes of work. We work across multiple industries and we have access to talented business and technology expertise who understand digital platforms and how they support the various business models. We also understand how digital is a stepping stone to future ‘intelligent operations’ and how to increase automation and effectiveness across the organisation as a whole. Our customers know that whilst technology is mission critical, they want us to help them produce solutions that are smart turnkey models taking advantage of proven commoditised and platformed designs.

Our services represent the level of required expertise needed to successfully deliver for you across multiple areas of your programme.

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