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Our Service Approach is defined by the needs of our customers. Basically it means that that we are focussed on providing the most suitable services that use the right technology solutions to deliver better business outcomes.

The world has become more digital, and businesses are increasingly using technology as a core driver to create business value through Digital Transformation, either by design or by influence, through external factors such as competition or market forces. With new business models and processes emerging constantly, our customers rely on technology for their business success more than ever before. The problem is often describing how the technology used in the solutions will deliver a business impact and what this will mean at a business level.

It is necessary for projects to deliver business value or business outcomes, but how many of them are actually delivering what the end business requires or needs, in the timeframe that they require? At NWT, we talk about how our Services help to deliver Business Outcomes and Results, but that in itself is not a unique claim. So, we ensure through our engagements that we understand the business drivers and that we can tie our Services back to the business issues that are being resolved. We want our customers at a business level to understand the value that NWT brings and how do we know that we are doing the right things to make our customers successful.

service approach
Every supplier has a process, methodology or formula based on delivering various steps to end up with a result centred on installing a product. At NWT we spend time understanding the overall challenge, assumptions and conceptions, so we understand the possibility of alternative solutions based on evidence and forward-thinking. To do so, we have a Services Approach that creates a business view, maps that view onto our Service Model and then supports the delivery through a framework approach and an understanding of the key focus areas such as integration and migration.
Our Service Model is based on keeping our approach simple and straightforward in terms of recognising how our services can help you deliver. We have incorporated multiple years of knowledge and experience into developing this approach as at the end of a development lifecycle and transformation journey, you want a business system or product that is beneficial for your users and will help you grow your business. We have a compelling Services suite and consultancy offerings that can help our customers increase their business.
NWT Service Approach
Service Approach

Whilst the definition of Business Value and recognising what services can deliver the required Business Outcomes are critical activities, we have also recognised that other capability is required at different stages of the lifecycle. Therefore, we have also developed our Service Integration Offering, a 5D framework, and Maturity Models to help organisations understand their challenges in key business areas. In summary, Service Integration is the process that will connect the various IT systems, applications, different technologies, cloud applications, and business processes in an enterprise, and will help businesses compete in today’s digital world. Our 5D Framework is in simple terms, our consultative a five-stage process that will align the best technologies and the best solutions to transform your enterprise and create competitive advantage. Our Maturity Models will help you to gauge your current mode of operations and the future mode of operations and give you the opportunity to see how you need to invest to achieve the right levels of operation for your own company.

One of the key areas where many organisations focus is the use of Methodologies and we have provided a viewpoint in that respect. Obviously, this is a crucial decision as it will be influential on your future work and its efficiency. There is no one right answer that will perfectly suit one case, solution, team or company. Remember that you can mix methodologies and adapt them to your needs, so you will take from them only what is important for you. You may be planning to deliver your Digital Transformation projects in an agile manner with rapid introduction of ideas, proving through MVPs – fail fast if they don’t work – and making informed decision on real data so that real business outcomes can be measured. Similarly, some will argue that operations in a Digital World, should be about DevOps. Successful programmes and projects are managed well, and to manage them efficiently, you must choose the methodology that will work best for the project at hand. Regardless of your decision, you still need to understand the Business Value that you are looking to gain, the Services that you require and how you will achieve your results. Our approach is not based on any particular methodology but supports all of them. What we bring is an approach based on solving challenges. We seek clarity for the mission so we can guarantee mission success.

Distinguishing between Service Providers in our industry is a challenge and that challenge is the same all over the world. NWT recognise this and we know that our current, potential and future clients seek solutions that show evidence of results with reduced risk and the highest gain in terms of ROI and performance impact. Our approach allows us to align with our customer’s strategic intent, create accelerated results through tactical improvements in the quality of the overall solutions and provide insight that delivers new world step change in capability

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