Maturity Models

We often find that our customers are looking for greater clarity in assessing where they are today and what the priorities are in respect of where they need to be. NWT can provide customers with assessments, technology viewpoints, migration strategies, business cases and help to deliver the digital change, underpinned by our unique set of services.

However, to find the right service package for you, we need information to help plan how we can help you be successful. Our experience has shown that setting a series of questions to prompt discussion whilst at the same time, providing insight into where a customer is today and wants to go in the future, is valuable and enlightening. By using online assessments in the form of a Maturity Model, we can quickly begin to highlight the business challenges and test for strategic and operational coherence.

NWT CEO, Glenn Ballard says that “We are a team of Consultants with immense experience that enables us to execute real business outcomes”. Our online Maturity Models are unique to NWT and are based on bringing this immense experience to bear through this simple but effective assessment tooling. We cannot begin to be effective in providing the right solutions if we don’t understand how we can ensure alignment with the business, whilst at the same time spotting the gaps and challenges in today’s world so the future solutions bring mission clarity and operational excellence whilst ensuring maximum business value and reduced risk.

Maturity Models

Our customers sometimes have to make the right investment calls particularly if they have multiple priorities being delivered by different projects across a comprehensive Digital Transformation programme. It is about ensuring that you actually deliver your key requirements and get yourself to the right position in terms of the Business and IT alignment, capability and overall management. Technology is now mission-critical and transformational.

It is part of the overall Business Strategy for a company as technology can provide new ways of working and delivering service to the end customers. However, at the same time, technology is now more commoditised and `platformed`, and customers are seeking smart turnkey models. Our Maturity Models are aware of that and will help you to gauge your current mode of operations and the future mode of operations and give you the opportunity to see how you need to invest to achieve the right levels of operation for your own company.

A lot of our Intellectual property, knowledge and experience has gone into these models which map onto some of the key business challenges and priorities that our customers face. If you would like access to this information please register to access our Members Area.

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