Our 5D Methodology

In today’s world there are numerous methodologies and frameworks that have been discussed, adopted and deployed. Unfortunately, many organisations don’t know which methodology and/or Framework will be the best for them and their teams. This is an important decision as it can influence future work and the efficiency and effectiveness of its delivery and operation.

Firstly what is the difference between a methodology and a framework? The adopted methodology will introduce a set of principles, tools and practices which can be used to guide processes to achieve a particular goal, for example, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum. A framework is a loose but incomplete structure that leaves room for other practices and tools to be included but provides much of the process required, for example, the Scaled Agile Framework is a set of organisation and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices.

The reality is that most organisations prefer to buy solution strategies and models based on a Framework approach that is based on an immersive and rewarding relationship and engagement with people rather than just being dependent on a series of methodologies. There are countless formulas that promote a logical arrangement of analysis, design and delivery of solutions, and multiple methodologies that suggest a small number but often complicated number of steps to meet your goals. NWT recognise this situation and we challenge the assumptions, conceptions and biases. We look for the best way forward and the outcomes that will deliver true business value. We have an approach that is focussed on achieving the ‘transformed operation’ and helping to develop solutions that introduce business impact and not just technology features.

The New World is about having an approach to solve business challenges and a playbook mentality to avoid reinventing the wheel each time. New world Performance is also about having an approach that gets quickly to the work that is needed and doesn’t result in philosophical debates around the processes for change.


In simple terms, our consultative approach aligns the best technologies and the best solutions to transform your enterprise and create competitive advantage. We follow a five-stage process that will help you to:

  • Define the business justification and expected outcomes
  • Discover essential transformational issues and how they can be overcome
  • Decide the migration approach that is right for your business
  • Develop the solutions and adoption plan to meet those business outcomes
  • Deliver the desired modernisation/migration and changes across IT and business processes

Simple but critical steps in a framework that will help guide you to new world thinking and working.

However, in reality, we are different because of these are not just steps on a journey for us, as at each stage we bring our experience into play and we look at the step in a different context:

  • Define – we spend time on the overall system of things and the possibility of alternative scenarios based on evidence and forward-thinking
  • Discover – the observation of new phenomena, actions and events. New reasoning to explain the knowledge gathered combined with abstract thought and everyday experiences.
  • Decide – it is our relentless focus on ensuring that every action contributes to the delivery of benefits, that drives your business strategy.
  • Develop – in order to generate sustainable business improvements, we focus on the business outcomes not just on the technology journey.
  • Deliver – we do not sit back and monitor history, we actively go out and manage the future. Our goal is to energise resources and own /enable quality solutions and delivery plans to be delivered.

Our 5D Framework is the instrumentation to navigate the New World.

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