Service Model

NWT believes that being simple and straightforward in how we can help you is always the best approach both in good times and bad. At the end of a development lifecycle and transformation journey, you want a business system or product that is beneficial for your users and will help you grow your business. We have a compelling Services suite and consultancy offerings that can help our customers increase their business.

NWT is focussed on the delivery of end-to-end transformation, from the initial Business Case and associated business strategy through all stages of the programme from Build & Test to Operate.

The world has become more digital, and businesses are increasingly using technology as a core driver to create business value through Digital Transformation. We recognise the challenges of Transformation and the imperative to embrace new technologies and ways of working, to drive improved business performance and assume industry leadership.

Every company follows a development life cycle so they can increase efficiency at every step as well as being able to measure the subsequent improvements. This enables companies to reduce costs, meet customer needs, and facilitates quicker delivery to help projects run smoothly and businesses to respond to the changing customer needs. Whichever model you have chosen, or if you are still looking for guidance, then NWT can help by using our simple interactive tool below to show what services are available to help you on your transformation journey.


New World Examples