Whether you are born in the Cloud or looking to migrate to the cloud, reduce your data centre capacity or modernise your infrastructure, NWT has the insights and knowledge to show you new and improved ways to utilise your Application, Data and Hardware assets.

When you are planning at a large complex digital transformation, you may be tempted to attack it on many fronts, or you may not even know where to start. A lot will depend on your appetite to change and what is your ability to change over what period. So, in order to understand the strategy you wish to deploy you need a simple mathematical calculation; Time + Future Proof Fit + Security = Quality. NWT can help you start with small steps and learn as you go. With our Service Approach, we ensure that the way forward is defined by the needs of our customers. We are focussed on providing the most suitable services that use the right technology solutions to deliver better business outcomes.

We will help you gain understanding and proficiency to produce your Platform Strategy, your Migration Strategy and the supporting business case. We will help you to understand your applications and decide how to move forward, as application migration needs to consider many aspects including IT staff skills, existing investments, and application architecture, as well as future plans. Whether you decide to Rehost, Refactor using IaaS and PaaS, Revise for IaaS or PaaS, Rebuild on PaaS, or Replace with SaaS. The decision must consider an organisation’s business requirements, business evaluation criteria, and architecture principles.


If you are not looking to transform but to optimise, then we can “help you to increase the efficiency of your infrastructure particularly in respect of development. Introducing technologies such as Dynamic resource management and faster server provisioning can enable you to respond to market changes faster, as well as lowering your total cost of ownership, freeing your IT budget to invest in digital and innovation. You may be looking to invest in Artificial intelligence or Machine Learning but are concerned that your infrastructure is not ready to handle the data volumes from the growth in data. We can advise on the ways you use, store and protect your data. We will advise you on the optimum solution for your infrastructure problems in line with your business outcomes, and look to improve its efficiency, security, agility and performance, whilst providing a new world operating capability.

New World Examples