Programme Office Support

Programme Office Support

Programme Office Support

Companies often have many cross-functional projects to manage, especially as they engage on Digital transformation activities. Our Programme Office Support offering will help reduce the time taken to set up a Project Management Office (PMO) or transform a PMO into a value delivering function.


Benefits of our Programme Office Support

Provides a critical external perspective
Quickly assess process and programme issues
Kick starts projects or helps floundering projects to get back on track
Provides progressive, customer oriented, adaptive and a responsive approach for the programme

Low Cost and quick to implement

NWT recognises that every customer is different in their approach, the types and scale of projects being delivered and their view on how they want the PMO to run as part of their overall organisational governance. Therefore, we are also flexible on how we can help you as we know that the role of the PMO will be different across the lifecycle of the project(s). Our service can be tailored around the specific needs of your organisation. We can provide consultancy to advise on how best to create and run a PMO, provide high-calibre, on-demand expertise or deliver a fully managed PMO if that is what is right for your business.

For NWT this is about identification of the right PMO solution to support the programmes and projects that are delivering the solutions to meet your business challenges, and to use an approach to avoid reinventing the wheel each time for you. NWT is also about having an approach that gets the outcomes completed quickly.


What makes a good Programme Office Support team

Being a support service that collects, compiles and reports on information.
Being quick to respond
Flexibility for an organisation where projects are delivered successfully in a loosely controlled manner and where additional control is deemed unnecessary
leveraging the proven methods and best practices that a provider can bring.
Being able to provide project guidance and methods, systems, tools and metrics for consistent project outcomes throughout the organisation and maintaining consistency between project managers working on different projects, across different departments
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Together, Anexinet and NWT are uniquely positioned to help clients streamline their journey to the Cloud in the face of the pandemic by designing, building, automating and managing their workloads and applications on Enterprise-Cloud or Cloud-Hyperscalers, including AWS, Alibaba, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The strategic partnership has already helped one established financial institution unlock significant value by accelerating the development and delivery of effective, integrated Cloud-based solutions. Anexinet’s proven Kickstart process and comprehensive set of tools and services deliver an Agile, scalable Cloud-based environment that embraces traditional IT as well as Private, Public, and Managed Cloud. Migrating applications and business systems to the Cloud is a daunting task for even the most mature organization. As a result, a Cloud-adoption strategy and roadmap often means the difference between successful deployment and failure to launch. Anexinet helps organizations determine their ideal strategic approach.


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