Real world experience

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

The client, which operated critical national infrastructure in a highly regulated sector, had the appetite for change, but lacked the strategy and capability required to execute the need. The programme of work included migrating a mainframe and 3,000 servers and related storage from a data centre located on a flood plane to a more hardened and operationally efficient location.

The role

The first step on the journey was to work in partnership with both the client and the new data centre service provider to understand the challenges they were experiencing. During a period of Discovery, NWT ensured that the customer and the service provider fully understood what was required – in terms of business insights and technology understanding of the business processes, applications, data and storage. NWT then worked with the client, incumbent and future service provider to build an appropriate risk-based decisions criteria and mitigation approaches that would enable all parties to be successful. Once this initial Discovery Phase was complete, NWT helped the client develop a programme of work that enabled the migration to be successfully executed in just 18 months.

Key outcome

NWT evaluated the situation, re-planned the programme of work and delivered the project against an extremely aggressive timeline.

During the Discovery Phase, NWT ascertained that the client’s legacy systems had not been upgraded for many years, allowing significant technical debt and risk to build up. NWT created a roadmap that enabled the client to migrate to a more hardened, secure and operationally efficient data centre, immediately reducing the significant costs associated with the existing technical debt.