Real world experience

Critical Friend Review FS&I

FS&I A global financial services organisation was looking to implement a complex migration programme involving moving more than 2,100 critical applications to the cloud.

Critical Friend Review FS&I

The role

The client wanted full clarity on the organisation’s readiness for change. They wanted a Critical Friend that was able to interrogate senior stakeholders regarding the readiness and capability of the business to manage and support the change. This included a review of proposed new processes and technology, Business Change Plans and Communication and Training Plans.

Key outcome

• Confirmation that all project dependencies had been identified and communication channels had been put in place to deal with any future changes to plans
• New processes were clearly defined
• Technology requirements were clearly defined and costed and plans were in place for a five-year leasing plan
• Potential issues or risks that could threaten delivery to time, cost and quality were identified and mitigation steps put in place to ensure risks do not materialise into major issues threatening delivery.