Real world experience

Critical Friend Review Private Sector

Critical Friend Review Private Sector

A multi-national IT firm were looking to use their business development support services functions and resources in a smarter and more cost-effective way. A programme was initiated to evolve, elevate and enhance their pursuit and bid management process to improve pursuit win-rates, reduce time to respond and keep bid costs under control.

The role

We acted as a critical friend to the Strategic Sales Team to test and challenge their approach, with a focus on ideas and learning from a behavioural change perspective. As part of the work, we challenged the purpose, scope, timescale and measures of each activity as well as supporting the prioritisation and sequencing of activities. The role also included designing a series of interventions for testing, evaluating and refining change to embed culture and behaviour improvements into the organisation.

Key outcome

• Elevated pursuit and bid management capability
• As-a-Service commercial model that allows the client to draw down on the advice, experience and services needed, when they are needed
• Pursuit and bid management services that can be purchased on a Time and Materials basis, outcome-based engagement of a managed capacity basis
• Development of a meaningful, user-friendly strategy blueprint to produce submission documentation
• Reduction in pursuit and bid management costs