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We are positioning our ServiceNow Practice as a ServiceNow solution provider, with a focus on building and developing IT systems and service management ecosystems. We engage to support customers to grow and meet the increasing need of businesses to automate, integrate and capture business workflow, often as part of a wider digital transformation agenda.

Launched in 2016, New World Tech is a team of industry practitioners with a wealth of experience in providing clients a straight forward approach to digital transformation and supporting them with ‘as a Service’ packaged knowledge and expertise to ensure that the right outcomes are planned for and achieved.

This background provides a firm foundation for helping customers to realise the value of their investment in tools such as ServiceNow® by ensuring that critical thinking precedes any decisions on features and functionality, so that the focus is on the outcome, rather than the tool features.

ServiceNow is an industry leading digital business platform. In the last few years there have been significant developments in functionality that support workflow, automation and self-service. Applications now extend across HR, Risk and Compliance, Field Service Management, Customer Service Management, Demand Management, as well as further enhancing the IT features with functions such as Virtual Agent, Agent Workspace and CAB Workbench.

The challenge many customers find when considering an implementation of ServiceNow is that once the licences are purchased, then there is an immediate drive to deliver value as soon as possible and gain the benefits of that investment. As a result, realisation of benefits can be missed with the business pressure to deliver capability. There are inevitable gaps between business demands and how ServiceNow works without appropriate configuration, and if not managed, work arounds and shadow tools and processes could quickly appear post-implementation due to missing requirements, poor data gathering or incomplete documented processes.

NWT is able to bring critical thought to the implementation of ServiceNow. We look beyond the immediate tool requirements and ensure that there is a firm foundation to build from in terms of data and processes, as well as determining the specific dependencies and pre-requisites that form an integral part of any implementation. Our experience of the platform also means that we can bring oversight to the requirements and configuration, helping customers to decide where business value outweighs the technical risks of customisation and ensuring that any configuration has a minimal impact on user experience, performance and maintainability.

Service Now practice workers working together.

It is our people and experience, combined with our solutions that help our clients remain true to their business objectives, agile in a changing landscape and to continually improve the end-user experience. We understand business problems as a big picture and then work fast to address them in a controlled and considered manner.

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