The power of serverless computing

The power of serverless computing

Move away from traditional infrastructure to run your web, mobile applications and API services. Adoption of Serverless technology will reduce your infrastructure costs and enable you to scale your services without worrying about the underlying infrastructure provisioning.

What is Serverless computing?

Lambda is a serverless platform from AWS, offering an event-based system for running code in the cloud. You don’t worry about servers, only the code you write. It scales automatically and only charges you for the time it is executing the code. But, most importantly, it scales automatically!

Lambda supports popular languages including Python, Node.js, Go, C and PowerShell. You can use Lambda to access objects store like AWS S3 or connect to database systems and even wire you Lambda service up to A.I based services.

The typical development workflow for building applications on Lambda includes the following steps:

  1. Setup a new function on AWS Lambda
  2. Create new API Gateway
  3. Test API Gateway
  4. Create your serverless function using your preferred programming language
  5. Test your service using something like Postman or write automated tests
  6. Turn the service on and make it accessible to your consumers

For larger projects break your applications into multiple Serverless Services. Model your Serverless Services around Data Models or Workflows. There are many Serverless compute offerings on the market, many of these offerings have a free-tier which means you can build new services and they will cost you nothing to operate. The main market offerings include:

AWS Lambda

Cloud Functions for Google

Azure Functions

At NWT we are architecting and building services using these technologies. Contact us about running a use-case workshop to identify candidates for serverless technology and in the process reduce your operational costs and scale your services automatically.

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