Transition as a Service

NWT has many years’ experience of supporting all aspects of Transition Management – both from the perspective of moving from project implementation to ‘business as usual’ as well as the introduction of new or replacement IT solutions to support business transformation. We will share our wealth of knowledge and experience to help you rapidly move to your new target operations as quickly and efficiently as possible ensuring business continuity throughout the whole of the transition.

Every business is different with its own set of desired outcomes, drivers and risk profiles. Your transition may be a data centre migration to the cloud, a new storage and backup infrastructure, a major application upgrade or the transition of a service to another supplier. You could be facing immense timeline pressures due to business risk, regulation changes, M&A, growth or supply chain issues due to a global pandemic. Without doubt, there will be critical business processes impacted by the changes you propose. So, how do you translate your strategy and ambitions into reality?

Managing any major change programme, is an extremely daunting task, one that covers the whole project lifecycle. Delivering a successful transition relies on much more than just technical skills and capability. It requires careful planning, execution and performance measurement and involves people, processes, technology, infrastructure and tools, and the adoption of best practices and standards.

Realisation of the benefits and the timely execution of the change programme relies heavily on a mature Transition Plan. To create that plan, it will be critical to complete an overview of your current situation including technology, applications and data to support the business and execute the service. You will also need to define locations in terms of ‘where from’ and ‘where to’, processes and procedures as well as sourcing or suppliers and people. Ideally you should clearly set the appropriate expectations for the performance and usage of new or changed services and how they will deliver incremental value. As well as defining the transition approach you will also need to ensure that the right set of tools and frameworks are in place to deliver change promptly to meet your specific timescales. You must then add in sufficient checks and balances, security measures and a continuous improvement mind-set to ensure that the changes you implement continue to deliver the business value you require.

NWT provides an approach that can help you introduce the new services and expected value you require in a controlled and non-disruptive manner – on demand – as a Service. Transition as a Service (TaaS) provides the experience resource you need, when you need it, to manage and deliver your programme of change.

Our Transition as a Service (TaaS) is designed specifically to ensure the successful delivery of complex, transformational programmes of work by provided the experience resource you need, when you need it, to manage and deliver your programme of change. Provided as a fully managed service with well-defined terms of reference that provide total clarity on roles and responsibilities within your externally managed Transition Management team, NWT’s TaaS maximises the productivity and minimises wasted effort or costs for all participants in the change process. 

NWT has a team of Transition Consultants with a solid working knowledge of business processes, the latest software and applications and complex integration issues such as data, analytics, infrastructure, performance and security. They will act as the lynch pin between your strategy, your processes and your IT platform. Our service follows an internationally recognised, best practice approach to IT Service Management (ITSM) and follow an audited and ITIL-certified process. This enables the delivery of business outcomes while protecting the business by balancing risk against business value. 

Transition as a Service

NWT’s TaaS is designed to help you build, test and deploy new services (or updated services) and transfer to the necessary knowledge to the Operational Phase to be able to operate the services within the agreed service level.


  • Highly experienced interim subject matter experts with in-depth transition planning and management skills
  • Transition management to assist with business case development and senior stakeholder engagement
  • Knowledge transfer and upskill to enhance your existing internal capability
  • Service management to maximise the speed of your transition while minimising risk
  • Documented plans including detailed Transition Plan and Service Roadmap
  • Encourage Agile / DevOps practices (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment, CI/CD)


  • Access to highly experience Transition Consultants
  • An independent, objective critical friend for your leadership team
  • Flexibility to access best of breed transition services as your business needs them
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of products, services and solutions
  • Simple processing and administration
  • Lower cost of utilisation
  • Agile and lean solutions to adapt to your needs
  • Quantifiable cost improvements and visibility of processes
  • Comprehensive Transition Plan
  • Stable post-transition landscape and sustainable legacy when our engagement is complete• Ensure business continuity throughout the whole of the transition phase.
  • Reduces risk and cost through migration experience and expertise
  • All transition activity is carried out in a controlled manner delivering maximum benefit (and least disruption)
  • Experienced in Transition Management, where services rely on operational systems.
  • Minimises end user disruption through effective

NWT can offer a full TaaS capability to support complex transition or transformation programmes and projects as well as more focused support to help address a specific business or technology challenge. Whatever you require, we will apply our wealth of Industry and Government experience to guide you on your Digital Transformation journey. Equipping you with all you need from inception to the transfer of capability.