Workplace & Mobility

As reviews take place covering the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic on companies, there is near universal agreement that flexible working models, that accommodate different locations and schedules, have proved to be work much better than anyone had imagined.

While it might appear to the outside world that the Covid-19 virus precipitated the work-from-home movement, for many knowledge-workers the shift to remote working was already well underway, and had been for many years to great unheralded success, It was the success story that was never told and underpinned the urgent work that moved almost everyone, in all roles, to remote working at pace; pace to keep both employees and customers operating safely and effectively under new rules.

The key benefits:

  • Increased staff motivation, productivity and employee retention
  • Cost savings for both the company and the employee
  • Improved life / work balance
  • Open the market for talent based on skill set not location

The pandemic has indisputably accelerated and amplified the remote working trend and there is no doubt that as we gradually move towards a new more ‘normal’ environment, business as usual will look profoundly different.

Most employees largely welcomed the shift to remote working, but for some companies and employees alike, there have been and will continue to be some growing pains. Social connection and bonds between colleagues are foundational to the success of all organisations and first-time remote workers can feel overwhelmed, disconnected and distracted initially requiring careful support.

Since the pandemic hit, technology dominated the conversation about work meaning that often “a good day” at work depends on the quality of your Wi-Fi. “Zoom” is now a verb, like “Google” and virtual collaboration happens more naturally with tools like Slack, G Suite and Box. 

After the initial freedom and enjoyment of being able to work the way they wanted to work, for some the shine quickly faded. As the pandemic stretched on with no end in sight, many people found that they sorely missed the social outlet that work once provided.

The need for belonging and connection are core to being human. While productivity, work-life balance, and overall satisfaction with working arrangements is trending up, the difficulty of building and maintaining relationships and staying in sync with colleagues is a persistent struggle. Digital tools are the indispensable infrastructure of remote work. But getting plugged into the best technologies will only take you so far. Thriving in the world of remote and distributed work depends on finding new ways to wire your teams’ social connections and gaining insights into what works – and what doesn’t.

Workplace and Mobility

At NWT we know that remote working has been a steep learning curve for everyone. But with the right policies and technology, company leaders can ease the transition and ensure that remote work is both productive and fulfilling.

While there are many things that we do not know about what lies ahead for remote workers, we do know that siloed communication, fragmented systems and disconnected employees simply won’t cut it anymore. As we all learn to navigate these times of great change, we also have an opportunity to reimagine how work is done. Developing a digital workplace strategy that builds upon innovations in workplace technologies like automation, collaboration and artificial intelligence is key.

Our Workplace and Mobility services are designed to empower productivity through consumer-like experiences across the organisation – regardless of the location of employees. Our services are designed to create frictionless working practices and a secure, stable and adaptive workplace infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Digital workplace strategy
  • Collaboration tools and platform
  • Creating a digital workplace infrastructure
  • Endpoint management and security
  • Digital workplace applications
  • Employee communication
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent

Our consultative approach aligns the best technologies and the best solutions to help create a more social, mobile, accessible and data-driven environment.

We follow a five-stage process that will help you to:

  • Define the business justification and expected outcomes
  • Discover essential remote working and collaboration issues and how they can be overcome
  • Help define the right workplace and mobility approach for your business
  • Develop a Workplace and Mobility Adoption Plan to meet those business outcomes
  • Deliver the desired modernisation/migration and changes across IT and business processes

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